Wanted | The wanted poem By E Lloyd Kelly.

The wanted poem you need to hear right now from the poet himself.

Picture of the poet & Author; E L Kelly In the newspapers
Wanted: Read It In The Papers

 Wanted is a brand new spoken word poetry piece by the poet E Lloyd Kelly which is Poem # 18 in the newly published book of poems and short stories about them. Find this new book; Waters of Silver Springs and others by this author on Amazon/Kindle.  

 Here is the poems for your reading pleasure; 




Alert, alert, here’s an amber alert.

There’s a prowler on the loose and he should be approached with extreme caution

Here’s the description of our subject, he goes by the name; The Poet,

He is known to lurk in deep dark corners such as; your mind

And is likely to pounce with sharp piercing objects such as; the tongue.


He was last seen in the Montreal Quebec areas but is also known to move around very frequently

Jackson, oh Jackson, that’s the place they say where he was born

But his restless rambling spirit wouldn’t be held down, so he moved on


Creating havoc along the way by the provocative things which he says but…

Now he’s wanted, by special request and popular demand.


He’s known to frequent such far flung places as;

Georgetown, onward to Ewarton, Linstead and on to the Homestead.

Cool shade and retirement as on through to Time & Patience.


He’d shift the scenes over to the Islands, spent some time in Grand Cayman

But he could not stay, so he ditched the bay, and parted… but he’s still wanted.


In recent times as the records show, he’s been moving around busy on the go

Found and established ties in Chicago, through the Waterloo and on to Toronto

But don’t you ever get it slanted, cause he’s still very much wanted…

By special request and very popular… demand



By. E Lloyd Kelly (The-poet), 25/10/16


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