Hear the poet's voice on microphone as he reads poems from the book of poetry; Waters of Silver Springs and more.

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I Will Design A Book Or Album Cover (Fri, 17 Aug 2018)
I will Design A Book Cover or Album Cover For You.     E-book, Album front cover, High resolution JPG plus 3D image.   In all kinds of mediums, and as a graphic designer I am most passionate about the branding and print field, including all its applications - Books & Album Covers, Posters, Flyers, Brochures, Logos, Business Cards and more.   My expertise is taking words and ideas and transforming it into visual reality.   A cover is your meeting point with your audience -  it should not only be beautiful and an eye-catcher, but to have the qualities and the fitting hierarchy, to accurately and uniquely deliver your creation.   My work process is structured to ensure the best result possible.I will want to hear all about what you had in mind, your requirements & needs, and receive your content (text and images). I will send you an initial layout, according to all of the above. Revisions: If needed, we will continue to work on the layout together - I will design & refine it according to your comments.Your Book/Album Cover is ready!   Recommendation: Please feel free to contact me and we will tailor the most fitting deal for what you need.
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Illustration Services (Sun, 05 Aug 2018)
My name is Christina Cartwright from DigitellDesign and I am a children's book illustrator and a book cover artist. I have been creating illustrations for book covers, stories, posters and various other projects since 2003. I can draw either colorful realistic or cartoon style images for your book project. For samples of my work, please visit my online portfolio at : digitelldesign.net
Please contact me by replying to this listing, or using my contact page on my website if interested! I look forward to hearing from you!
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