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Tame Migraine the Delicious Way (Sun, 06 May 2018)
Hi Everyone,   I've just published an ebook for people who suffer from the migraine disease or who has a friend or relative with this disorder. When people hear the word "migraine", they mostly think of a throbbing headache. Actually the disorder is not confined to the head but involves other parts of the body. It affects the nervous system, vision as well as the digestive system. Research has shown that certain groups of foods contain chemicals that are responsible for triggering migraine attacks. The debilitating symptoms can be greatly reduced by adopting a healthy life style and an elimination diet to avoid the migraine triggers. My ebook "Tame Migraine the Delicious Way" prvides a summary of the possible causes and helpful remedies as well as over 100 recipes and photos for dishes that the migraineurs can safely enjoy with their families.   For some reason there is a server error that prevents me from loading a thumbnail of the book cover. Please click the following link to go to amazon.com to see the book cover as well as to take a look inside this ebook.   https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=tame+migraine+the+delicious+way   You are also welcome to visit my new blog site at https://tamemigraine.worpress.com to share your own experience with the migraine disease.   Previously I published a print book titled "Learn Chinese throug Songs and Rhymes" (https://teachmechinese.wordpress.com). I decided to do "Tame Migraine the Delicious Way" as an ebook as it would be too costly to publish a print book with so many color photos. This ebook is also available at iBook Store and Barnes&Noble. It can be read on KOBO and Tolino as well.   I believe this ebook can help people recognize the symptoms of the migraine disease and also employ practical ways to deal with it. Hopefull you can help spread the word. Thank you.   Lydia Lin
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All you creators out there - stay healthy (Sat, 05 May 2018)
I wrote two books on the tropical plant species Sida, the most powerful herbal antibiotics known. If you are in denial over the loss of pharmaceutical antibiotics, anti-fungals, etc. get over it. Pharma will be history, never to be effectively used again, in 2-4 years. Can you afford to ignore this when growing a weed can save your life?   My latest books on the genus Sida were written to save lives, including yours and your family. Please check out the previews at least - they hopefully will convince you that this is a medication that every household needs. If you are not a gardener then Sida acuta extracts can still be purchased on Amazon - but supplies are running out.   Sida acuta is easy to grow, hardy once growing, and can be dried and stored for years waiting for a medical emergency. It is the perfect, forgiving plant for new gardeners. Please give this a look for your own health and safety!
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