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Hi I'm Karl J. Steltenpohl I just created my first coloring book based on my characters: Robot and Puppy (Wed, 26 Sep 2018)
  I am an artist from Chicago.   I created the characters Robot and Puppy a few years ago and finally have turned it into something.   Robot and Puppy: The Coloring Book #1.   Robot and Puppy go on adventures in each illustration. Some are fun and cute. Others can be more intense.   Check it out. Thank you     Amaon Link https://amzn.to/2CTLkiC Other Free Coloring Pages https://bit.ly/2NcLqH5   Thanks Again!!
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My Name is UCHENNA AKWARA. Check out my 11books in Amazon. (Thu, 13 Sep 2018)
Hello guys. My books are for sale. Please check out my search at UCHENNA AKWARA on Amazon and give me your feedbacks , reviews, rating, and comments.please guys get your self a copy
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