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Some Sh..y Vacation by E Lloyd Kelly

Lance is a hitman on vacation, he inadvertently ran into a fugitive from mob justice and everything changed.  

Self published by; E Lloyd Kelly and is now available on Amazon/Kindle and Securespace 

Read the book; 76, Clancy's journey by E Lloyd KellyIt is a story about a bright and promising young man, a Jamaican high school student, who plays schoolboys football (soccer) at the an advance level but cherished dreams of something bigger, much bigger. Where those talents, dreams and aspirations leads him and how his adult life turned out is the subject of the novel


Published Books from this Author as of this date; Aug. 30th 2016. 

76, Clancy's journey

Some Sh..y Vacation

My space, your space and the public space.

Note: Coming soon, a new book which will include a collection of poetry pieces and short stories. Keep your ears and eyes open for this and more. 


From Clancy's journey; So you just quit school and pick up and leave overnight, why? A long story dad… but it's all good, moving on to bigger things. Bigger things Mr. O'Connor shot back... what bigger things are there than getting a good education which is what you gave up to  go Chase after god-knows-what....

I'm following my dream dad and it's actually working just fine. Can we go inside? Mr. O'Connor shook his head, kids nowadays, he said over his shoulder as he walked through the big living room holding on to his briefcase loosely, the handle across the lower joints of his fingers but the thumb, proud and rebellious hangs aloft refusing to even touch the leathery contraption; you all think you know everything.