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Here it comes, the yearend deal you have been waiting for, free online novel reading for the last few days of the year, the  final days of 2016 are as good as it gets for all you avid readers and book enthusiast.

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From Tuesday 27th through to the 31st of December 2016, you get the opportunity you have been waiting for, to read all of the books and poems by; the author and poet; E Lloyd Kelly, and you get it all for free. You can read as much (or as little) as you want and tell your friends and family about it, they may read for free also. If you like what you see, and feel so inclined, you may leave a review on the Author’s page, and feel free to bookmark and follow our blog, but all that is up to you, you are not obligated to do anything in return for reading.



NB: Please note that some free read may only run for 2 or 3 days and not the entire five days  


We have been hinting at this for quite a while with post such as this: Coming soon, along with stay tuned reminders, well here it is, just a little while yet to wait for the final days of 2016 free online book read days. After the  "other turkey day" and the extended families are gone, there may be quite a bit of time left on your hands before you return to grinds of real life, good time to catch up on some reading don't you think? In the meantime you may still find these books on Amazon/Kindle where you can sample, buy them or read the entire books . Or, Read this poem, one of those you will find in the book: Waters of Silver Springs

This poem is # 12  of 19 or more from the newly released Book-of-poems entitled; Waters of Silver Springs. It's call;


The Sunset


Sitting here in awe I'm a-watching

The hot yellow sun slowly a-setting


Tumbling downhill bit by bit

Carrying the lights of day with it


Watching shadows growing tall

As dark grew brave into night fall


And geese fly south to yonder rest

To feed their young or cover their nest


But I just sit in this same ole spot

And blink the eyes in awe and watch


The golden sun's long spiky ray.

B/Sides stained glass windows in tall frame-A


In the front of a church where the speckled bird perch


And I still sit in awe I stare at the sinking sun behind trees there

Where it went down… and out.


E Lloyd Kelly Sept. 28th 2016


Here's a thought for today:

He who is wise and mighty, and he who will be great, assembles with his councillors in his secret chambers. Fools get a blog. Ooops. Oh well, it is what it is. (The-poet)

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