Weekend pics and performance.

Here are some pictures from the events, this past weekend of fun and performance where the poet did a live performance of his poem; Sweet waters of Silver Spring.

Picture of the poet's family
Family connection
Picture of the poet & Author; E Lloyd Kelly
The Poet performs
Picture of The-poet's family
Family connection

In attendance was the extended family including wife Leonie and son Charles.


Here is the poem for your listening pleasure.

Sweet waters of Silver Springs: Here is the performance in brief. on instagram

Sweet waters of Silver Spring


Sweet waters of Silver Spring

Oh what soft soothing pleasure you bring,

To my eyes, my ears, my thirsty lips,

My tongue so long to taste your flowing delight.


While skin touches your smooth cascade,

Beneath the soft shadows of night.

Your slender arms hugs the neck of Athlone way over on the left,

Whilst George Town's high hills, caresses your breast.


Yet your cool clear water bubbles and constantly, your water flows

Where do you come from they asked, and where do you hasten to go?

No one has ever answered

Nobody seems to know


Young ladies fair washes their hair

Bending beneath your crystal flow

Shadowed curtain around them drawn

Be it at nightfall, or at early dawn


Chattering women washing their load

On rocks smooth surface by the side of the road

Valiant young men awaits their turn

Sits on the culvert's edge as they discover and as they learn


Just one short leg away from hip to toe

You burst up from the ground and hurries to go

By lush green trees while bending low

They salutes and bows, in reverence show


Sumptuous, refreshing, sugary sweet

Waters of my unassuming Silver Spring

You winds your way over rocks and river Moss all live long day

Until you pour out of your glad waters

Into the anxious jaws of Rio Sambre. 


By. E Lloyd Kelly (The-poet), Feb. 2016 


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