A poem about love call; Gwen.

There will be poems about love.

Picture of the poet & Author; E L Kelly
The Poet at it again

There will be poems about love, familiar poems as well as not so familiar poems, coming soon in my brand new book of poetry called; "Waters of Silver Spring look out for it.

There will be some of the familiar ones like this one. 

Along with a bunch of brand new pieces, like this one. This is a brand new piece of poetry from the poet himself called; Gwen

Keep your eyes open for this my new book, coming soon

Here is the poem; Gwen


Years, oh careless years whatever have you gone and done

You have wasted away the lives of the mighty, as is the simple and the young

I remember it well,


I remember way back when

We walked hand in hand along the water's edge, me and my girlfriend Gwen

Walking on the beach of Poggee, holding onto each other's hand


Looking back as the waves sweep over our footprints in the sand


Oh how she loved me then, she never did forget to tell

Ours was the kind of bonds, which would last till Time freezes hell


Oh how I'd love to watch you run, across the wet sand again down there

From my lofty place upon the rock, to see wind blowing through your long brown hair


But the years those careless years, have done cheated us out of the mighty bliss

And even threatened to Chanel the memories, into the deep and dark obbys.


A poem about love by E Lloyd Kelly call; Gwen


Read the poem here; Gwen


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