Workplace safety being called into question in Montreal Quebec.

Workplace health and safety is being called into question in Montreal Qc.

Picture of Construction equipment on a worksite
Construction equipment on the worksite

Workplace safety is being called into question on many levels in recent times in and around the City of Montreal Quebec.


With the proliferation of worksites in every nook and cranny throughout the region, one has got to Wrestle with; longer commuting time, vastly reduced spaces to maneuver and much shorter tempers.


When one is further faced with incompetent and inept worker interchanging with other users of these much reduced roadways, disaster is just waiting to happen on every turn.

Case in point 

This is an encounter between one such construction worker and a bus driver on the corner of Rene Levesque and Lucien l’Allier Downtown Montreal on Friday afternoon 21st Oct. 2016.

The bus had just gone through the lighted intersection and continuing down Lucien L'Allier towards the ramp for the Auto route 720 O when suddenly, the motorized machine was spotted coming out from behind the partially constructed building, and then further out into the roadways was yet another obstacle in the form of a container of some sort, to then enter onto the roadway.

The front of this piece of equipment being extended by several feet way out in front of where the operator is seated.


Both vehicles managed to stop just in time to avoid an accident there. The operator of this machine then proceeded to react in a sort of “attitude” and mouthing off something which seem to be suggesting that he was disgusted by this/these people encroaching on his hallowed grounds to bother him.


As if that was not enough, after emptying the shovel on the end of this equipment, he proceeded to back-up and by all indications, seemed intent on backing up again through that small space by which he’d come, but upon what would appear as a “realization” that it was too small a space, he then moved over to one side to park and allow the rest of road users to pass by. 

Watch the video 

One will notice upon watching this video clip that;

(A) there were no safety personnel present.

Usually there is at least one such personnel bearing a flag or stop sign there monitoring and directing traffic in situations like these. This bus driver (via his regular circuit) happens to navigate these roads up to 5 times per day ((1 way) and therefore have seem these safety workers bearing flags/stop signs directing traffic away when activities on that worksite warrants a road closure.

I hereby put forward the argument that; this is yet another of those times when one such person should have been there and further, that there was no such safety personnel there on this occasion.


(B) one may also notice that, after the “near-miss”, there appeared another person into the picture wearing what seemed to be a white hard hat who proceeded to assist the operator in several different and separate tasks such as; apparently acting the part of the flag-person (without the flag/stop sign) while standing in front of the bus presumably to prevent the bus from moving forward. (not the safest/best approach one would think) 


He then ran over to act the part of the guide (apparently) in making sure that the contents of the shovel is being dump properly, then further acted as the guide again for the failed reverse attempt. He ended up being the person to whom the bus driver spoke about the missing safety personnel and the show of attitude on the part of the equipment operator. 

Questions for the safety commissioner


Now the question is; is this the way that things are supposed to be done? Is this the way for this or any worker interacting via their work with other lawful users of the roadways behave? Whether via their preparedness or handling of these heavy equipment in close proximity to others, be it other workers or road users?

Is this how they should behave via their mannerism, gestures and (apparent) showing off of foul attitude towards people who may or may not have offended them?

Over to you safety commissioner.


I Remain; E L Kelly

Shuttle bus driver at McGill University. Etc.


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