Born for this; new rhyming poem

Poetry examples coming from the poet himself, E Lloyd K.

Picture of E Lloyd K. "the poet"
The-poet at it again


“The poet” has been busy writing books and poetry of late.


Here is another of his recent works; a poem call; Born for this (bawn fi dis) if you are from Jamaica. Hope you like this poem and if you do, don’t hesitate to share it.


Born for this (Bawn Fi Dis)


A glimpse into your pile of nothingness, at how futile your life has been

You’re going to take nothing when you go out of here, cause you brought nothing in

You’re a loser there I said it, you’re just trying to save your very skin

But until you lose what’s to be lost, you are never ever going to win.



You are trying and trying so very hard, wanting so much to succeed

Just so that you may consume it all, in all of your envy and in your greed.

But you’re a loser I know it, despite the social stair you be climbing

Until you lose what’s to be lost, you’re never going to win  


You’ve kicked the doors wide open and then,

steamroll over haters same as loving friend

Yet in all of this you can’t venture beyond

That someone who’s standing right there you see,

is that someone else who’s holding the key

He’s there to remind you if you’ll but listen to him

You’re a loser mister man, and there’s a reason why you can’t get in,

Until you lose what’s to be lost, you’re never going win


You spread your feathers like a blooming peacock,

and boast of all the fine blings you’ve got

But what good is all of that to you I wonder,

when you are lying stretched out six feet under

Before that day finally breaks, it may do you good if notice you take,

that you are a loser my friend, born to lose in order to win

except for losing your load of sin, you’re never ever going to win

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