Sunset poem from the poet.

The sunset game is on with the sunset poem, sunset lyrics and all.

Picture of a sunset in Rigaud Quebec
Sunset watching

This sunset poem with lyrics and all, is your today because you are the poet’s guest-of-honor.


For the first time ever, it’s the release of the sunset poem with lyrics and you my readers and followers are first to see and read it

Here now is the world premiere of the sunset poem by the poet written just as the author and poet E Lloyd K sees it from his standpoint in Rigaud Quebec on the 28th Sept. 2016


Picture of setting sun
Hot yellow sun


Sitting here in awe I’m a-watching

The hot yellow sun slowly a-setting

Tumbling down bit by bit

Carrying the light of day with it


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Picture of a Church with stained glass windows
Stained glass window in an A-frame

Watching shadows a-growing tall

As dark grew brave into nightfall

And geese fly south to yonder rest

To feed their young and cover the nest


But I'm still here a-sitting in this same ole spot

As I blinked the eyes in awe and watch

The golden sun’s long spiky ray


B/Sides stained glass windows in tall frame-A

Picture of a sunset
Almost gone

In the front of a church where the speckled bird perched

And I still a-sitting in awe and stare,

At the sinking sun behind trees there

Where the sun went down, and out.

Read The Poem Here


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