Montreal author and poet speaks.

Montreal author and poet speaks to the issues of the average person.

Picture of the poet & Author; E L Kelly
The Poet at it again

Montreal author and poet E Lloyd Kelly speaks and writes about the issues which affects the average person in their daily walks of life.  

E Lloyd Kelly is fast becoming a prolific writer of substance and renown 

A published author of three novels thus far namely; 76, Clancy’s journey, Some Sh..y vacation and his very first work; Spaces, my space your space and the public space. There are a number of poetry pieces floating around on social media such as; youtube, Facebook etc. which is ascribed to this author. Today we are going to be featuring one such poems from “The poet’s” collection, this piece is called; Prelude. Which is actually (as the name would suggest) the very first piece of poetry completed by him. And can be seen alongside other pieces by the author on youtube.

Here is the poem;



Fling flung emotions sprung

Holding Diablo’s careless hand

Like the sad refrain of an ancient song

About Dan and a man and a van?


Coated sugar cubes as the errands went

Alenor’s exhausted vacations spent

Sitting in limbo gripping wistful lament

Hastily made decision masked in repent


Sweet revenge a mother’s seed

Hovering north the tender reeds

Heavy eyelids awaiting gluttonous sleep

Morn’s piecing notes to jerk the feet


Like chords hang loose on fizzled ends

Too far removed from make amends

Blissful lovers has long gone and spend

Lifeline extended Western union send


Fling flung emotions sprung

Diablo’s cold crooked fingers still,

still holding strong


See The Poem; Prelude Here


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