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Picture of lady finger in the garden
Giant lady-finger

How does my garden grows from seeds to be shooting up these beautiful lady finger Ochros? Well, as the saying goes; if ye seek ye shall find and you did seek so now you are about to find out how does my garden really grow.

Sounds kinda poetic doesn't it? These beauties are freshly picked from the garden and ready to go from any ones idea of  culinary delights unto your plate and into your salivating mouths Note these may be used cooked or uncooked depending on your recipe, but we are not talking recipes today.


On top of my Ochro pile or beside it to be more specific is my single “hot green pepper”. Please note that I just now copy righted that term so no ideas now for the throuls and pirates, haha. 

Anyways, this too came from my garden patch and yes; there’s more where that came from, you may not be able to see them from where you are sitting (or standing) but…  This is where they were at one point before they get to where they are today. You see, in my neck of the hood, temperatures varies by wide margins from very cold to very hot at times and the hot seasons (or the seasons which are most conducive to the growing of these crops are short so to compensate, we get them started indoors just around the breaking of spring. Then transports and transplant them into the garden when the temps rises towards summer norms

 So this here is an example of what one might expect to see when the seedlings began to burst out of the soil while still in the indoors starter areas. 

Here though is what it all looks like at the very beginning mere hours or days after the seeds were sown in pots and kept indoors until the timing is right for the permanent move. I said permanent because; as the temperatures gradually warms up during the transitioning period from spring to summer, I begin to get them climatized by taking them outside on warmer days then back inside as temps falls. Seems like an awful lot of work and of a truth it is but i love very minute of it and; as it is written somewhere, if one refuse to sew in the winter because it’s cold then such a one will not reap at reaping time and as such, will not eat, don't let that be said of any of you my readers. thanks and enjoy your meal


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