What’s in a name? Really?

Today I give you my “what’s in a name poem" with a view to answering the question; What does a name really mean.    In this short Poem I make no attempt at answering the questions, but just to provoke dialog.

Picture of the new book; Waters of Silver Springs


No long talk today, so here's the poem; # 10 from the book of poems call; Waters of Silver Springs


In name only.




Everybody sitting around was a-sighing


As some merely sat and roll their eying


Because you were there a-baby crying


If you are crying they were saying


Then you are not really dying




It was Diamond Golding and his wife name Crystal


Whose daughter Ruby was in the sick stall


But upon finding themselves both penniless,


And wanting for their child to have the best


Went out and sold off all their assets




And yet the proceeds being insufficient


That prompted them to sign the consent


Which also permits the dueling picker


That same one with the sterling silver clipper


To chop off her hair for to pay the piper



E Lloyd Kelly



Here's a thought for today:


God you say is in the business of multiplication, if all that you ever brought to him when you pray was nothing, nada, zilch, zero. What then would you have in the multiplied pile?


Feel free to leave your answers or comments in the comments area below. thank you.


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