Jamaican poet gets glowing review in The Times.

Jamaican native poet and author Ishion Hutchinson, author of the book; HOUSE OF LORDS AND COMMONS, came in for some glowing review in the NY Times recently.

Picture of the poet Ishion Hutchinson
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The author and his work has been referred to as; the strongest to come out of the Caribbean in a generation. In the review done by for the New York Times, in an article captioned; Jamaica’s Best New Poet Weighs In.

Walcott, Browning and even Lee (Scratch) Perry

If this resembles Derek Walcott’s poetry, (the writer reasoned) the heavy influence is lightly worn 



I've just gotten through with watching an episode of Mutabaruka’s cutting edge show on YouTube with Duke Baysee. Where Muta seemed stunned at the demand for and reach of his show and it's influence. Seems like Muta is the last to know what's going on, well deserved my friend, you've worked long and hard for this.


Also; The poet has just finish with posting a new poem call; on a number of sites including; YouTube, Soundcloud and others. Here is your chance to savour and enjoy this poem called; Jenny Was.  


Jenny was a very pretty little girl, till somebody took her out of this world,

Those small town cops didn't ask for help, they tried to solve the case all by themselves. They never did, and I wish Jenny had lived, but she never did


So I tried very hard to make some sense of it, but somehow all the pieces does not fit

She was somebody's queen-of-hearts who dreamt of marriage and a family to start

She never did, and I wish Jenny had lived, Oh but she never did




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