Writer’s block help | How to overcome writer's block.

Learn how one Montreal writer and poet tackles the issue of writer’s block.

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Writer's block is described as a condition in which an author may lose the ability to produce new work for a period of time or experiences a creative slowdown which in and of itself may not be a big deal but if and when it last for an extended period, that  is when it becomes an issue for the writer. Read today's feature poem

This happens to every great writer they say at some point in their career but it can be easily to overcome. Writer’s block is a term used for when a writer doesn’t feel like writing, I lose my muse or I am losing my muse some will say. Some creative solutions for overcoming writer's block includes activities such as; cycling, jogging, take a walk, paint, or write poetry. This is the one which we are going to focus on today. This Montreal poet tackle the issue of writer’s block in a poem call: 

Be My Muse, and it is poem #8 of 19 (or more) in the newly published Book of poems by The-Poet Called;

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Here now is the poem call; Be My Muse


For those times when the writer's block kicks in and overstay it's welcome. It’s always good to have a muse, someone who you can rely on to see you through. Well; here, maybe this will help somewhat.


Be my muse


Little mouse, oh ye little mouse

Won’t you stop your running around

I've got something here that’s heavy

And I want so much to write it down


Sometimes I remember it very well

But there are times when I oft forget

Won't you run on over to my house little mouse

Won't you come and be my muse


You always seems to remember things well 

Like where you tucked that little Marcel of cheese

Or where that tiny hole is which let you in and out again

And all with such great ease

Won't you run on over to my house little mouse, won't you be my muse


That same tiny ledge to which you'd run when dangers rare its ugly head

And beat a swift escape there in time, so as not to wind up dead


It's still there, a place of refuge you found to shelter you

And a place you can rest your weary head

Won't you run on over to my house little mouse, won't you be my muse


By; (the-poet) E Lloyd Kelly. 


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