Women dressed in black.

A Poem about women’s issues,Women dressed in black.

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Here’s a poem about women’s issues brought to you today based on current as well as some “not so distant” past news reports


This poem about women’s issues is written from the perspective of a consumer  of news and current affairs and may or may not reflect “the poet’s” stance on the particular subject matter in part or whole. 


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Here is the poem for your reading pleasure


Women dressed in black

100,000 women dressed in black joined protest rallies across many city block

Demonstrating against plans to tighten up, already restrictive abortion policy setup.


Meanwhile tomorrow’s children are left back in yesterday

For now women no longer have to pay

And one recalls when Henry Morgentaler say;

I have no regrets;

I’ve fulfilled the hopes and dreams of my ma and pa today 

Have these people forgotten that,

Women used to die from self-induced or abortions quack,

And that unwanted children were given away

To institutions where they suffered trauma that took the joys of life away

And made them into anxious, depressed individuals with grudges against society?


Have they forgotten that an unwanted pregnancy

Was the biggest health hazard to young women‘s fertility?

And could result in long-term illness, death, and injury  

That a grave injustice was being done to them

Is what he said drove him when asked in the end


And now 100,000 women dressed in black,

Joined protest rallies across many city block

To ensure that pressure are swiftly brought to bare

And pacify the brunt of their collective wroth this year 


Here is the poem about women's issues


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